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Frequently Asked Questions

HostMeUp is a low cost and easy to use web hosting service. 
With over 15 years experience, in 2 data centers and bilingual support, we dedicate more than resources to you! 

If the payment is made by PayPal or by credit cards the account is activated automatically. An email confirmation will be sent with your account login information. If you choose to send the payment by the mail, the account activation will be completed once the check has been received and banked.

If you have forgotten your password please click here.

We accept PayPal, credit cards, direct debit and check. 

As of dedicated private server lease with HostMeUp (by Internet Infinity), HostMeUp mandate is to ensure that all hardware and bandwidth is always available/optimal to ensure the delivery of the service.

HostMeUp can act as a consultant or developer, at the request of the customer, to perform maintenance or other recommended tasks on the leased servers, however, the responsibility of HostMeUp stops in the execution of the requested tasks, to the best of our expertise, as agreed with the customer.

Client responsibility:

- Security of the server
- Virus protection and Trojan Horse
- Archiving and back-up copy
- Integrity of files/data

HostMeUp servers currently utilize RAID (Redundancy Array of Disks) disk mirroring protection which is more efficient and manageable than backups. Data is mirrored between multiple hard drives and can be restored even in the event of disk failure. 



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